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Jul 18, 2023

Stream the caustic first single, “Silent Wolf” which includes a haunting visual directed by Finn O’Connell.

Stream the caustic first single, “Silent Wolf” which includes a haunting visual directed by Finn O’Connell.

Chicago’s metallic hardcore veterans Harm’s Way have announced their return in a big way with the news of their next full length release via Metal Blade Records. Recruiting accomplished producer Will Yip, who has churned out modern classics with Turnstile and Code Orange, the tandem come together for what can arguably be forecasted as the most complete version of Harm’s Way yet in Common Suffering.

The ten track manifesto wades through the turbulence of the last three years with the entries on the album traversing weighty thematic material including personal struggles with mental health, fractured relationships, the climate of political division and continued corruption of power during one of the most unstable, vulnerable times in history.

In exploring such complex, nuanced themes, the band has also leveled up their songwriting prowess throughout the album – further asserting their penchant for aggression, while tempering the attack with moments of restraint.

“We really tried not to settle on parts,” explained Harm’s Way guitarist Nick Gauthier. “Sometimes a direction that we could have taken in a song felt too obvious… We would just troubleshoot that until we felt creatively satisfied with the direction we were taking.”

Ahead of the September 29th release, Harm’s Way have revealed the first offering from the album with the highly volatile introduction, “Silent Wolf”. Fueled by a healthy skepticism of those that continuously abuse their seat of power, the single is a confrontational, purely hostile affront to those that make manipulate others for their own benefit.

Paired with with a potent, powerful visual interpretation directed by Finn O’Connell, “Silent Wolf” showcases how Harm’s Way has weaponized their sound to speak to something greater – on an important social level.

“‘Silent Wolf’ was birthed out of observing a sense of persistent distrust in governing bodies and systems of power in our current cultural climate,” explains vocalist James Pligge. “It speaks on the faith, or lack of faith, many have in these systems and an overall feeling of inertia and paranoia with status quo operations… leading many to the question: ‘what is really informing our reality?”

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