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Sep 7, 2023

"The song arrived accompanied by a fittingly surreal music video directed by Finn O'Connell."

Back in July, Revolver favorites Harm's Way announced their hotly anticipated new album, Common Suffering — the follow-up to 2018's pulverizing Posthuman — and unleashed its pulverizing lead single, "Silent Wolf."

Today (September 7th), the Chicago industrial-hardcore demolition crew have offered up another new cut, "Undertow," which showcases a doomier, more atmospheric, previously unexplored side of their sound, and features haunting guest vocals from Kristina Esfandiari, a.k.a. King Woman. The song arrived accompanied by a fittingly surreal music video directed by Finn O'Connell. Watch and listen above.

"'Undertow' looks at the cycle of life and death, and one's process of coming to a space of acceptance with the latter," Harm's Way commented in a joint statement. "While we can argue that self-preservation is inherently human, finding peace in death and dying brings us that much closer to humility and our shared humanity."

Common Suffering is due out September 29th via Metal Blade and available for pre-order now.


Harm's Way made their bones in hardcore with destructive breakdowns and industrial grooves, but on "Undertow," they expand their range into doomier, more post-metal-y territory. The Chicago band enlisted King Woman — a.k.a. doomgaze singer-songwriter Kristina Esfandiari — to add her melancholy, downcast croons on this cut. It's one of the most atmospheric and structurally unique songs in the Harm's Way catalog, and one that still finds a way to close with a chugging mosh part.

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